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Original Quilling - by SAP 
Our mission here at Creative Corner (CC) is to help and encourage every age to enjoy their own ability to create. Everybody is an artist, but where we focus our creativity varies from person to person. Some of us are writers, musicians, dancers, actors, gardeners, or painters. Perhaps some of you out there prefer to sketch or craft DIY items. Then still there are those of us that show are artisan in the kitchen or designs from clothes to houses and everything in-between. It is all art.

CC would like to help each of you learn the creative language of what interests you most and learn how to teach that language to your children and loved ones. Inspiration comes from this language and each persons expression of their individual art. The first step is to learn to enjoy the process.

CC's action plan is two-fold: first it is a source to share. We are asking for anyone to send your thoughts, samples of your creations, or a video of your music dance or theatrics. Essentially any part of your experience of art from you or someone in your family. Along with the sample piece, please include a few words to share about what inspired the art and any directions you can share to assist anyone who would also like to achieve it.

The second part of CC is there will be post ideas of our own that we have acquired from the years of working in the field of art. These posts will give instructions so anyone can DIY in the comforts of your own home.

We look forward to working and learning together, so please send any of your projects to the following email address art@CCbySAP.com and we will be in touch with you before we post it!

~Thank-you~ & ~Happy Creating!~


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