Monday, March 24, 2014

Who is an Artist?

According to Brian King...

I really enjoyed this article and wanted to share this with everyone because Mr. King's enthusiasm about being creative is exactly what draws out the artist in anyone.

When I contemplate who are artists, the answer is simple:  all humans are! Anything we make for comfort or pleasure for ourselves and others is considered art. Whether the art is good or not, depends on whether it fulfills the reason for creating it. Therefore, you are a good artist if you succeed in your endeavor. Naturally, the next question would be who measures whether the endeavor was successful or not, right?

Please take a moment and read through the article I have shared by Brian King because he brings out excellent points about the consideration of art. There are many venues for art expression and many ways to measure its success.

Notice Mr. King reminds us to listen to what others say about your art. Avoid making a judgement on your own art without understanding that the success in your art may very well come from the feelings and expressions that you stirred inside someone else, not what was stirred in you.

Be fair to yourself and allow others to enjoy the art they see.
My youngest granddaughter's first twig sculpture. She was so thrilled with it she had to have a picture!

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