Monday, March 24, 2014

Who is an Artist?

According to Brian King...

I really enjoyed this article and wanted to share this with everyone because Mr. King's enthusiasm about being creative is exactly what draws out the artist in anyone.

When I contemplate who are artists, the answer is simple:  all humans are! Anything we make for comfort or pleasure for ourselves and others is considered art. Whether the art is good or not, depends on whether it fulfills the reason for creating it. Therefore, you are a good artist if you succeed in your endeavor. Naturally, the next question would be who measures whether the endeavor was successful or not, right?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Language of Art

Language of Art
Before you can truly appreciate your own art you need to understand the basic language of art. If you don't take the time and effort to learn this language most people give up and won't find joy in creating things. This language is the ability to see the vision of the art in your minds eye.

Take for example a simple toothpick.

Now let it speak in Art:
Original by SAP - Toothpick

If you feel that this is not something that you are very adept at, not worry. The best way to accomplish this is to immerse yourself in what you like, practice and keep exposing yourself to the artistic things that you find satisfying. Before you know it, you'll wake up and it will be as plain as the language you speak - and who knows what your toothpick will look like!